Why We Supplement

Why We Supplement

Supplementation is intended to bridge the nutritional gap, helping us to maintain the proper balance of nutrients and ensuring we take in the correct amount of essential vitamins and minerals to match our dietary and lifestyle needs.

Even with a healthy diet, sufficient sleep and regular exercise, nutritional deficiencies are still very common. Stresses and challenges of daily modern life, lack of time to eat properly, medications and the ageing process can deplete many of us of the key micronutrients which our bodies need to work properly. In fact, most of us fail to meet dietary recommendations and require supplements to maintain adequate levels of nutrients.

Taking supplements is not a substitute for a healthy and balanced lifestyle, but the right nutritional intervention can help to support your body’s biochemical needs, helping you to achieve optimal health and help protect you from harmful deficiencies.

We recommend seeking advice from a qualified nutritional therapist or Functional Medicine expert if in any doubt about which nutritional supplements to take.

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