D-Mannose Plus: with cranberry Extract for UTI support


Most urinary tract infections are caused by E. coli bacteria. This supplement contains D-mannose and cranberry which research has demonstrated prevent adhesion and replication of bacteria.

This product provides on average 1861mg of D-mannose and 100mg of cranberry powder per rounded teaspoon

D-mannose is most notably found in certain plants, pineapples and cranberries

Although a natural sugar, D-mannose is not metabolised by humans and on ingestion passes immediately through to the kidneys and urine. Thus, it does not interfere with blood sugar regulation because it is non-glycaemic in humans

Cranberry has a similar action to D-mannose and cranberry juice has a long history of use, however cranberry juice is high in sugar


Take one rounded teaspoon (2g) up to twice daily for acute use, or 1/2 rounded teaspoon (1g) daily for maintenance, dissolved in fruit juice or water as a food supplement or as directed by a practitioner


D-Mannose powder, cranberry 36:1 powder extract, maltodextrin, silicon dioxide